March Madness is Here! How Does Your Bracket Compare to Each of Ours?


So we each filled out a bracket this year. Rick with his church staff and me with our lifegroup. 

My lifegroup says the person with the worst bracket will be getting a tattoo (not sure how serious they are...). Part of me is already trying to figure out where I'll put it, because I've never had a ton of success with these brackets.

Neither Rick nor myself claim to be resident experts when it comes to NCAA Basketball, but it's a fun thing to do, no doubt. 

So how does your bracket compare to each of ours? Should I start thinking of tattoo ideas?

Rick's Final Four: Virginia, Xavier, Villanova, Duke.

Rick's Champion: Xavier

Rob's Final Four: Virginia, Michigan, Villanova, Duke.

Rob's Champion: Virginia

Robert KaneComment