Car Ride Mailbag: How To Read the Bible

On this week’s episode:

  • We record on the road trip back from Myrtle Beach!

  • We both get a great deal at Aldi.

  • We dig into the mailbag and discuss how to read the Bible (big thanks to Mike Spiriro for sending in the question).

We walk through the following steps:

First, we must understand the genre of the text:

  • Law

  • History

  • Wisdom

  • Poetry

  • Prophecy/Apocalyptic

  • Gospel

  • Letters/Epistles

Second, we must understand the context of the passage (“3 Horizons” approach):

  • 1st Horizon: Literary Context

  • 2nd Horizon: Historical Context

  • 3rd Horizon: Canonical ContextOn this week’s episode:


Recommended Resource(s):

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