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The Importance of Reading Books (Luke Miller)

The Importance of Reading Books (Luke Miller)

We're all busy, so why take the time to read books? Between all the obligations we have on a day-to-day basis, it can be really difficult to find time to open a book and begin reading. 

So why read?

We believe there are at least five reasons reading good books is a worthwhile pursuit:

  1. Reading is a gift.

    • Between printed books, ebooks, audiobooks, and the internet, there has never before been a time in history where books have been so accessible. We're a privileged generation. Let's not take it for granted!

  2. Reading grows and stretches us.

    • It would be arrogant for us to believe that we've thought exhaustively through a particular topic. There's so much we can learn from authors who have labored to produce the works we have access to.

  3. Reading helps stir our affections towards Christ.

    • A well crafted sentence or paragraph is sometimes all it takes to reorient our hearts to the beauty of God's glory and his kindness towards us. Books are full of these.

  4. Reading helps us slow down and think about the material at hand.

    • The world we live in is a fast paced one. To think deeply is a rarity, and consequently, our thoughts end up being an inch deep and a mile wide. Books force us to go deeper than the surface.

  5. Reading helps us become better communicators.

    • By reading the work of great communicators, we learn new--and oftentimes better--ways to communicate what our hearts and minds are already proclaiming.

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