029: Unconditional Election (TULIP)


Alrighty, session number two of our TULIP series is here!

Since we covered much of this material in a previous episode (see Episode #024: Election), we’ll refer you there for further questions and more detailed notes.

However, an important takeaway for this episode is that if total depravity is true—and we believe it is—then God’s unconditional election is necessary for salvation.


Because due to our spiritually dead and depraved state (Ephesians 2:1), we are incapable of choosing God. He must first act to make us alive before we ever choose him, and since there’s nothing we can do in our spiritually dead state to deserve his choosing of us, his choice must be unconditional.

God must first choose us before we can ever choose him. Let this fuel our praise for his amazing grace acting in our lives and stir our evangelistic prayers towards those currently dead in sin.

Recommended Resource(s):

ARTICLE: TULIP (Desiring God)
BOOK: Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem
BOOK: Systematic Theology by Louis Berkhof
BOOK: PROOF: Finding Freedom Through The Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Graceby Daniel Montgomery and Timothy Paul Jones
BOOK: Chosen by God by R. C. Sproul

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