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Engaging and Relatable

Great theological podcast that is enjoyable to listen to while being educational. Thanks, Rob, Rick, and guests!

Intellectual and entertaining!

The chemistry between these two is awesome. They post so often and keep their episodes concise. It’s a nice when you’re driving around town!

Simple, but thorough.

You guys do a great job explaining challenging topics. Thank you for putting in all the time and energy to simplify difficult concepts for others. Your humor lightens the mood and makes things fun. I appreciate how you continually back everything up with scripture. Great work, gentlemen!

George Floyd

This is a sobering, difficult topic but so necessary. Thank you for addressing it. I love your podcast and I especially appreciate your humor. For this particular Podcast I appreciated the absence of humor. You both did a good job of addressing such a difficult subject facing our country and our churches. May God bless your work.

Sarcasm ahead...

Hey baby, Thought you guys might want to know... you’re very bias! It’s like you think there is only one way to heaven. Hopefully there is still a podcast when I finally catch up to your brand new ones(I just started into Jan 2019). Keep up the good work Big Daddy and Rob. Thanks for sharing such useful knowledge, And I pray it’s reaching many who may need to hear it!


Rick and Robert do an excellent job at breaking down reformed theology, all while extending grace to their listeners. Keep it up guys!

Beautiful word

Thank you for helping the Word come to life. Providing an understanding of the gospels from different people. Love you guys!!

Great Podcast

I feel like this podcast just keeps getting better. Thank you for breaking down high level Christian Doctrine!

5 starrrrr review

I often listen on my morning commute to work. The combination of sound theology and their humor makes for a great start to the day. Make the shows last longer please!!!

Just what I was looking for

Thank you Rick and Rob for taking the time to put these podcasts together. Wonderful introduction to Christian theology for those who want to start digging into their faith. Good mix of theological discussion, humor and real life applications with lots of scripture to back it up. Well done, God bless you!

Rich and Rob the Bomb

I honestly enjoy their focus on the topic and how they don’t get so totally side tracked as other podcasted I’ve previously subscribed. They are very smart and it helps me learn without getting confused

Me encanta este Podcast

Primero quiero decir que estos cabañeros son sencillos en su forma de articular el mensaje es genial! Evitan de complicar las teología y desviarse de temas que son dificultades. Gracias y siempre estoy esperando para mas episodios. First and Foremost I would like to admit that these guys are simple and have a way of articulating a message that is awesome! They avoid over complicating the theologies and not tackling difficult topics. Thanks and I’m almost waiting for more episodes! Anyway you guys can talk about “The New Age” movement?

Great Podcast

These guys do what they say, they give simple theology. Love to just put one on and think about some interesting concepts.

Funny & Instructional

I’ve been enjoying listening to these guys have fun while explaining different areas/topics of theology. It’s a different spin on the mostly “serious” theology podcasts out there.

Biblically sound podcast

Two men who are fun to listen to and who base their conversation around what the Bible teaches, not just what they think.

Passionate about God

Rick and Rob are two young men who are passionate about the Lord. As they discuss/grapple with theological topics in this podcast, you will be blessed by the content they share and inspired by their passion as they share it.